Sharif Aly is the CEO of Islamic Relief USA, an advocate for humanitarian policy and an avid sports fan. 

Sharif Aly is the CEO of Islamic Relief USA, and advocate for humanitarian work and policy, and an avid sports fan.

Before being named CEO, Sharif worked as an attorney and advocate for Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA). Sharif has always committed to applying his knowledge of the law to help empower the disenfranchised. Prior to joining IRUSA, he practiced law in New York, where he developed transferable skills and knowledge, including nonprofit management, executive leadership and negotiations.

Sharif was born and raised in New York and graduated from Binghamton University, where he double majored in Arabic and Philosophy, Politics and Law.  Sharif went on to pursue his passion of giving a voice to the voiceless and earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Hofstra Law School.

At an early age, Sharif’s father instilled a deep interest and dedication to social justice issues. He made sure Sharif was exposed to a variety of charitable causes and activities in his youth and showed him how to implement religious principles in his interactions with people.  Sharif’s father was a well-respected community member who distributed zakat money and treated all people with respect and dignity. Now a father himself, Sharif strives to carry on that legacy at home in Maryland with his wife and three children.

Growing up, Sharif was raised to be an active and productive member of the community. In addition to his dedication to community service, Sharif enjoyed playing basketball and football. As a New Yorker, his loyalty lies with the Knicks and Giants.

Sharif excelled in both academics and recreational sports. Specifically, Sharif enjoyed studying history and social sciences and believes that having a deep understanding of history is important for leaders to help guide a successful future. Sharif considers Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to be his ultimate role model, and learning about his noble life in study circles has been a transformative source of growth for Sharif.

Sharif is grateful for the opportunity to serve others through IRUSA and believes that it adds great personal value by giving him a chance to serve the most vulnerable and disenfranchised. He is proud of the relationships the organization has built over the years and hopes to further develop a network of humanitarians working together for a great cause.

One of his proudest moments was traveling to Flint, Michigan with IRUSA to help with a water distribution project. After seeing the gratitude of people, Sharif realized what a blessing it is to be a vehicle of good in a world that has so much need.

As the African proverb goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go as a group.” Sharif hopes to leave a legacy of teamwork and collaboration. He hopes to foster the sort of team spirit that will help the organization go far and transform lives, building on the shoulders of the people who came before him.




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